Under the advent of a digital revolution that is ubiquitous across all industries, the Freight Forwarding Industry hasn’t really been left behind.Digitization is disrupting the traditional ways of doing business and it is imperative that forwarding as an industry also adapt to this wave of change. The fragmented nature of the industry poses a serious challenge in the digitalization of offerings but at the same time opens up various avenues for success.

Complicated Rate Distribution with multiple communication and complex spreadsheets.

Real time visibility and comparison of rates.

The average time taken for offline quotation generation is 24-48 hours.

Instant quote generation can be done in less than 2 mins.

Poor collaboration between parties due to complex documentation management involving multiple people.

Seamless end to end documentation solutions providing visibility on a single screen.

Customer retention and relationship is heavily reliant on the salesperson being the face of the business.

The brand is built around the digital platform and technology is the facilitator making customer retention easier.

Sales cost is very high and ROI takes significant time.

Instant ROI with calculated strategy to acquire customers.

Manual tracking and updates reliant on customer service executives.

Live milestone based automated tracking directly from the source.

The identification of this gap in the industry has enabled a lot of problem solvers to propel the digital revolution in freight forwarding. The Boston Consulting Group states that, apart from numerous upcoming digital forwarders competing to gain a competitive edge, industry giants like Kuehne Nagel and Maersk-Damco, are using the digital disruption to their benefit by digitizing their go-to-market approach, incubating new business models to provide an improvised customer experience, multiply profitability and enable growth. The competition is stiff and manifold with not just startups and bigger players but also customers like Amazon entering the arena. Under such circumstances, if the smaller or traditional players do not adapt and improvise at the right time survival could become a major challenge.

While digital transformation is a positive stride, we at FreightBro, believe that no one should be bereft of reaping the benefits of the digital transformation. FreightBro is an enabler of the digital change providing a high-end cloud based software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution for freight forwarders, that manages to potentially double sales and halve operational time without investing a significant amount of money in technology. If you are a freight forwarder looking to digitize your offerings without shelling out a huge amount on technology, then FreightBro is where your quest stops.