It may seem daunting, if not overwhelming, for freight brokers to contact new prospects, build new relationships with them and finalise a deal, especially in the current marketing scenario, where opportunities are won or lost in a split second.

Today, the first impression can make or break the deal, and so, marketers are always concerned about questions like- What measure they should take? What to say to your new contact? How often should you be in touch with a new prospect?

It takes time for every freight broker to learn what works and what doesn’t. But many opportunities are lost in this long-learning process. Below are some offline and online techniques that can help new freight brokers in generating leads faster and propel them quickly towards success. For an experienced freight broker, these tips can serve as a refresher to help improve their game… and overall results!


Though Digital Marketing is booming currently, offline marketing can still prove to be a deciding factor in your marketing success. It is estimated that though 90% of people in the logistics industry know about online marketing platforms only a small fraction of them can be reached through digital mediums.

Even though the arrival of the internet appeared to be the end for offline marketing, networking events such as conferences, workshops, seminars, etc. are a great way to grow your reach and potentially drum up business.

In these events, you meet more people from your industry who themselves might be looking for collaboration. One should take advantage of these opportunities, expand their network and gain referrals. So, make sure you participate in more such events and exchange your business cards with other attendees.


With the increase in competition, the cost of marketing is increasing rapidly. Advertising spaces that were available at very cheap prices earlier are now very expensive and usually have very little ROI.

Reaching new clients is an essential part of any business, and costlier advertising spaces make it difficult for any marketer to grow their reach.

Your existing clients can play a vital role in increasing the volume of your leads. Studies have shown that more than 80% of people trust the recommendations from their friends, and thus recommendations remain the most credible form of marketing!


Marketing has spread from its traditional offline mediums to newer digital mediums. In the age of the internet, where marketing is more technology driven, the opportunity to market yourself in front of the right audience is enormous and economic! Let’s have a look at some marketing techniques which are not only easy to implement, but also gives a high ROI.


Nowadays, LinkedIn is the proving to be the go-to site for marketers to find relevant audience and potential customers for their brand. Connect with as many people as you can, and widen your reach and hence market your brand to potential prospects. Getting recommendations from existing clients on LinkedIn is considered to be a very effective tactic, this makes it easier for potential customers to believe in your brand.


Remarketing is another powerful technique that has proven to have a significant effect on sales. Remarketing allows a marketer to target an existing or an ex-customer and increase the likelihood of a conversion. One can deepen the relationship with existing customers by informing them about your latest products or provide them with additional information about the products they have already shown interest in. Since these customers have worked with you in the past and have used your product/service, they already know the kind of service you provide and hence are more likely to purchase your product or service, again.


Inexpensive and effective way to reach thousands of potential customers. There are several services that offer you to broadcast a webinar quickly and easily. With great ideas that help customers and provide value to them, you can create a webinar and promote it through social media and other mediums. One can also provide a free eBook or make the attendees sign up for your newsletter at the end of the webinar. This will help you create a valuable database for future remarketing.

These were some commonly used but extremely beneficial marketing techniques that can double the number of leads for you in no time, if used properly.


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