Nature of goods

Perishables, pharmaceuticals, medically critical and time-sensitive items such as organs for transplants rely on air for movement.

High-value items

Electronics and high-end gadgets use air
freight for transport from one place to

Lesser transit times

Air as a chosen mode of transport is inevitably the fastest.


Airline networks are vast and outstretched, sometimes reaching the most inaccessible or landlocked parts of the world.

The IATA air freight forecast for 2018 to 2022 suggests that the increasing importance of areas such as e-commerce and pharmaceuticals are helping air freight growth to decouple from global goods trade which will further lead to significant FTK outperformance. Digitization is the new buzzword in the industry and there has been an evident shift in the industry digitizing their offerings. Whether it be the Indian Government’s recent changes in air cargo policy enabling smooth export and import of goods, and transforming India into a chosen transit cargo hub to-and-from other parts of the world or simply doing away with paper correspondences for air freight and making e-AWB mandatory, digital transformation is happening for real.


At FreightBro we help you move a step ahead in digitizing your freight forwarding business., We at present allow freight forwarders to discover air freight rates, generate online quotations book and manage shipments. Going forward we aim to innovate, improvise and make booking air cargo the simplest of all tasks. We hope to be the best link between freight forwarders and airlines, co-loaders, data and technology providers.

With our constant endeavour to make things simpler and user friendly we believe, going digital is what will drive the trend for air freight in the coming years.