Brief Background of Globus

Globus Transitos Pvt Limited is a freight forwarder with a large commercial and sales operation based in India serving customers globally. Globus has the vision of simplifying their freight forwarding services with an end goal of increasing internal efficiency & productivity – consequently increasing the overall customer satisfaction.

How it all started

FreightBro was fortunate to meet Globus, Mr Rishi Jain, Director, at an exhibition. At this meeting it was clear that the world of shipping/ forwarding and logistics is on the cusp of dramatic digital change and those refusing to adapt to this reality run the risk of being left behind commercially and operatively. Being the innovative nature and forward thinking of Mr Rishi, we began discussing the changing digital landscape and the current problems facing Globus in the Indian market.

Globus’ Pain Areas

High turnaround time taken to respond to their customer queries: Globus has a widely spread sales and pricing team across various regions in the Indian Market. Their turnaround time to respond to their customer queries was very high due to the time taken to coordinate between their dispersed sales and pricing team members, who in turn had to refer to various excel sheets to collate the rates and generate the quotes. Any delayed quote to their customers in turn increased their risk of losing the contract amidst a highly competitive business floor.

Cumbersome effort to gain visibility to their daily operations and to evaluate their performance: Increased time involved in collating their dispersed daily transactional records which were maintained in various traditional excel formats. The lack of visibility to the one view of the performance data, which was an opportunity lost due to the delay in implementing the proactive steps for the change requirements, if any

Solutions derived from FreightBro

Rate Sheet Automation and instant quote to their customers: FreightBro recommended a standardized rate sheet template for the pricing team to consolidate their daily rates procured from various carriers and overseas agents, which was in turn automated to facilitate the rates in a structured format on the FreightBro Platform. Their daily rates are now available to their sales team to generate an instant customized quotation at any part of the day without much effort. FreightBro Phone app also facilitates their mobile sales staff to make their timely quote submissions via email /WhatsApp etc to take the information to their customer instantly. FreightBro rate management platform has integrated their FCL and LCL rates including ICD pricing & carrier schedules to overcome the delay in quote generation and helping to achieve high accuracy in pricing.

Centralized operations and live reporting dashboards: Globus operations in various branches are now centralized in FreightBro platform to facilitate the decision makers to gain one view of their business performance data. The analytical dashboards facilitate the decision makers to gain insight to their business performance from various perspectives: Customer, Lane, Sales member, Carriers, Agents, Branches etc.

Globus Gains

Within the first 2 months of FreightBro platform implementation, Globus has reduced their processing time by 50 %. Early quote is benefiting Globus with an early negotiation opportunity with their customers and has in turn increased their contract winning probabilities.

Centralised operations and live reporting features enabled Globus decision makers to evaluate their business performance on a timely basis and take pro-active measure

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