The global coronavirus (Covid 19) pandemic has delivered a big blow to the shipping industry in a very short span of time. Cargo movements around the world are suffering, especially so with forwarders’ customer service, sales and pricing teams separated geographically and being forced to work remotely. Teams are siloed and over reliant on emails and phone calls leading to poorer customer satisfaction and lack of visibility and accountability to the management. This is making an already difficult situation worse as this is expected to continue at least for a month. FreightBro expects all offline meetings, especially those involving travel, won’t be possible during this period.

“These are tough times and with governments trying to flatten the curve of the coronavirus spread with social distancing, we decided to do our bit for the freight ecosystem.” – Raghavendran Viswanathan, CEO, FreightBro.

Forwarders need to be able to deliver on their service commitments to customers, while working remotely, even during a time like this. FreightBro wants to support forwarders in this difficult time by providing a digital platform for getting bookings from shippers, enhance remote collaboration between forwarder’s internal teams and external stakeholders. This can ensure that cargo movements don’t suffer due to lack of visibility. In light of the Coronavirus pandemic,

FreightBro will be making its platform FREE of cost to use till April 30th 2020.

FreightBro will provide forwarders with their own branded platform, which can be accessed via iOS and Android apps, to offer spot rates, receive online bookings, handle inquiries and setup custom dashboards to manage all key metrics. Dedicated shipment management modules will be setup for operations teams to work remotely and update customers on shipment milestones, share key documents and provide tracking updates in real time. Our teams will be on hand to swiftly set this up so that forwarders can start executing on the platform right away.

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