Mumbai, 27th February: FreightBro recently participated at the CTL BHP 2020 held at the Bombay Exhibition Centre, Goregaon. The event brought together the entire shipping and logistics industry under one roof. Organized by the EXIM the event witnessed a successful completion of the 12th edition of CTL (Cargo Transport & Logistics) BHP (Breakbulk Heavy lift & Project Forwarding) 2020. There was immense participation from freight forwarders, logistics service providers, tech solution providers etc. The event has been garnering a footfall of approx 3500 visitors as per the last event report.

FreightBro at CTL BHP 2020

The FreightBro stall at the CTL BHP 2020

Mr Steffen Bilger, Parliamentary State Secretary, Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure, Germany graced the event as the chief guest. The International Conference & Exhibition that went on for two days saw top speakers and panellists from the industry participate in presentations and discussions.

FreightBro at CTL BHP 2020

Visitors at the Stall

FreightBro at CTL BHP 2020

It was a full house at the event.

FreightBro at CTL BHP 2020

Our Specialists in conversation with inquisitive visitors

FreightBro as a Corporate Partner at the CTL BHP 2020

FreightBro was a corporate partner at the event and we also set up a stall showcasing our products, services and our value proposition. The theme of the stall was digitization and how we simplify forwarding while making it accessible on mobile devices.  There were approximately 70+ exhibitors at the event and several other event partners who showed unprecedented support by partnering at the event in some way or the other. This year’s footfall was estimated to be more than 3500 in a span of just two days. The first day alone garnered a visitor count of around 1900 trade visitors.

FreightBro at CTL BHP 2020

The conference at CTL BHP 2020

The first day of the event witnessed some very informative sessions by eminent speakers and panellists from the industry. The presentations were centred around topics such as The growing potential & changing trends in Project Logistics in India, Prospects in Special Cargo Handling, Artificial Intelligence in Logistics, global trends on port operations etc. The second day at the Conference saw more discussions and presentations centred around digitization and technological innovation in the industry apart from topics such as How has the role of freight forwarder changed over the last few years?

Raghav representing FreightBro at the Panel discussions

Raghav representing FreightBro at the Panel discussions

Raghav Viswanathan, CEO, FreightBro was a part of the panel discussion in the latter half of the 2nd day. He shared his insights on digitization and how the emergence of online freight portals have changed the cargo booking scenario. He also emphasized on how technology and innovation have blurred demarcations in the capabilities of a company. For instance, how an e-commerce giant like Amazon cannot just be classified as an e-commerce company. It’s also a tech company, an OTT platform, and has also been trying its feat in freight and logistics now.

As a nation & an economy aiming to reduce the logistics spend vs GDP to 10% as per the NLP, it is technology apart from infrastructural developments that can help attain it. Online portals have played a critical role in changing the scenario of freight booking in India. They have allowed freight forwarders to concentrate on their core competencies while outsourcing the technology part to such SaaS-based companies. Such a collaborative approach can help freight forwarders digitize their services while attaining service excellence simultaneously.

Felicitation for participation at the event

Felicitation for participation

About FreightBro

FreightBro has been identified as India’s first freight forwarding digital platform. It has been enabling freight forwarders to digitize their key processes pertaining to sales and procurement. The web portal & mobile app designed for freight forwarders increase overall efficiency while cutting down logistics costs.

The core team members of FreightBro at the event.

The core team members at the stall.

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