Data Science
Why data Science
Big Data is known to be the next game-changer in the realm of technology. With enough accurate data, businesses can predict and prepare for outcomes that were once considered impossible. Imagine optimisation that transcends functions like logistics, warehousing, manufacturing, delivery, etc. Companies like DHL and Amazon are already using Big Data to automate processes that help achieve last-minute deliveries at an unprecedented scale. Through data, they can restructure delivery routes, maintain transparency, and coordinate deliveries at the largest possible scale. Another great example is Uber, and how it’s entering the futuristic space of self-driving cars using massive amounts of consumer data.
Data Science at FreightBro
It’s a fact that in the near future the Freight and Logistic industry will be revolutionised by Big Data and that’s why we, at FreightBro Labs, are working tirelessly to integrate this technology into our products. We work towards analysing every kind of data that’s consumed at every point of our consumer journey and help our clients make a more informed and convenient decision. For example, generate relevant predictions around rates we receive from multiple liners. The key function isn’t just to gather enough data but, as information is scattered around the Freight industry, to segregate it, make it accessible for our clients.
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