is FreightBro’s single-window solution for cargo and container tracking needs. Powered by FreightBro, simplifies the tracking of cargo and allows users to track multiple containers on a single platform at one go.

Cargo tracking

Cargo tracking or container tracking is a crucial element of supply chain visibility. End to end visibility of cargo has always been one of the major issues that have plagued the industry. There have been instances where the visibility of cargo was lost at various phases along the supply chain, such as when the cargo is rolled.

Cargo tracking is a complex process in itself. The reason that makes tracking containers a complex process is the fact that shipping cargo is not a one-party affair. There are multiple entities involved in it. Getting visibility on the cargo milestone is extremely important for each one of them on various grounds.

The shippers always hand over their shipments to a freight forwarder who further hands it over to a carrier in the hope that the cargo will invariably reach the final destination. But shipping is an entirely complex and uncertain process in itself. For instance, a ship may make a port call to drop off containers at a certain port and a shipper’s container may be offloaded. Such a mistake may cost the shipper and consignee a delay of months or even a complete loss of cargo, money and a lot of follow-ups.

Such scenarios can have grave consequences on all the entities, shippers, freight forwarder and the liner. Knowing where the cargo has reached is thus a very important requirement throughout all participants in a supply chain. 

Shippers and freight forwarders generally prefer having online tracking tools in place or partnering with a provider to address tracking challenges. With digitization ubiquitous across the industry now, track and trace is a much-valued feature that a freight forwarder can use to his benefit.

The Problem Statement

Well, what necessitated us to come up with a solution for tracking shipments? We all know that tracking multiple containers can be a real pain. A shipper/freight forwarder ideally visits multiple liner websites and types in the container numbers to actually derive a mile-stone based location of his container or shipment. This is a manual and cumbersome process that takes a lot of time. On an average, a freight forwarder devotes 3 hrs daily on tracking shipments. That translates to 15 hours devoted to a manual task on a weekly basis. And that is a lot of productive man-hours lost.

FreightBro’s Container Tracking Solution –

We realized that performing a manual task over and over again can be eliminated and hence came up with Trackingfreight is a comprehensive product powered by FreightBro that consolidates information from numerous liner tracking websites and brings you the information on one single platform. Why should you use it? For starters, it enables you to do a number of things.

1. Milestone based Tracking

  • With you can track the milestone-based status of your containers by simply logging in to the web portal or the app. 
Introducing powered by FreightBro

Milestone based Tracking of containers

2. More the merrier!

  • You can upload multiple container numbers to track their statuses at one go unlike typing each container number and tracking them one by one.
  • You can also track multiple containers of different liners on a single platform. Now there’s no need to visit multiple carrier websites and track or trace on these individual portals. You can track all of them on a single platform.

3. Go Mobile

  • What better than having the tracking information right at your fingertips? Track your shipment using the app available on the play store and app store. You can download the app right here

4. Scan your BL to track container

  • Introducing a novel concept in tracking shipments is ‘Scan your BL to track’. You can now simply open the Trackingfreight app and scan the bill of lading to track containers on the go. Your mobile scans the BL details and then shows you the milestone-based location of your container on the app screen.

5. Tracking History and Reports

  • With the built-in dashboard, you can now see the status of all the containers ever searched on the app/platform in your tracking history. There is no requirement to repeatedly manually type in the container numbers to track them anymore.
  • You can also generate customized tracking reports for more visibility and analysis of critical data. by FreightBro

History of all the containers tracked makes your tracking journey hassle-free.

6. Value for Money

  • Our cost-effective plans don’t burn a hole in your pocket to just track cargo. Check our pricing plans here.

How to use for container tracking?

In two easy steps, on the web platform see where your container is, at any given point of time

Want to track containers on your phone? Simply download the app from the App Store or Google Playstore and track them instantly.

  • Simply log in to the app
  • You can enter the container number to track your containers, or
  • Scan the BL on your phone and track using BL Details

With FreightBro powered, tracking your shipments are now as simple as browsing an app. So what are you waiting for? Visit now and see it for yourself.