Why Block-Chain?
The business of freight and logistics is multifaceted. With so many complex processes and functions, it is imperative that one maintains the highest levels of transparency in the supply chain. This is what inspires brand loyalty in consumers and instils accountability throughout the process.

A new technology that allows this possibility to become a reality is Blockchain. In recent times Blockchain has gained immense popularity, it seems like every major company is attempting to integrate this technology to make their offerings superior and more accessible.

The Blockchain is simply a technology that offers a secure way to transfer information between parties. It’s that simple. It does this by creating a permanent, digital ledger of transactions (or a continuously growing list of records) called blocks, which are secure from hacking or revision.

Imagine all information stored in one place that is easy to access. This will not only increase transparency in the supply chain but also decrease unwanted cargo misplacement or, even worse, theft.
Block-Chain at FreightBro
At FreightBro Labs, we’re developing methods to seamlessly make the Blockchain technology an integral part of all our processes. Through this technology we will allow our users to experience better tracking, reduced errors, and prompt fraud detection.

These are exciting times for the freight industry. As we explore these technologies further, we’re opening new doors to potentially greater outcomes, which will revolutionise the way the industry operates for the better.
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