AI & Bots
AI and Bots in Freight Industry
Our industry is moving at an incredible speed, wouldn’t it be amazing if all the tedious jobs that required human intelligence and intervention were executed automatically? In this fast-paced digital environment, technologies like Chatbots and Artificial Intelligence are doing just that, gaining immense popularity in companies that are focusing on optimising everything from ERP to CRM. Industry giants like GE and Hitachi have already successfully leveraged them to streamline their internal processes and redefine industry standards.
AI and Bots at FreightBro
At FreightBro, we leverage these technologies to improve product interaction and increase client satisfaction. Our bots are designed to engage and identify customer intent, while our AI programs are aimed to increase product performance and decrease turnaround time. It's these processes that ensure data accuracy is maintained across all our portals. Our AI function also allows us to keep in touch with our clients and vendors. Our systems can interact with multiple parties across different platforms (like WhatsApp and WeChat) simultaneously. And we’ve just scratched the tip of the iceberg, our FreightBro Labs are working relentlessly to push the boundaries of these technologies and integrate them at every level.
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